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Cloud-Based Point of Sale for Restaurants and Retail

NebulaPOS lives in the cloud, but works for you. Easily manage your restaurant, events, coffee shop, or retail store, from anywhere, with NebulaPOS, the easiest point of sale on the planet.

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Give your guests the smooth digital journey they're expecting - and a little bit extra

No-code Analytics - AskNebula

AskNebula generates point of sale reports and visualisations, based on data you want to see - no blind spots, no surprises.

iOS and Android hardware-agnostic

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POS and Stock Control via iOS and Android hardware of your choice, with no hidden hardware licensing or liabilities. 

POS that works for your customers

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Tap, scan, swipe - process any and all payments, the way your customers choose to make them.

First impressions last.

Table-side ordering for coffee shops and restaurants, plus 'option' menus, to add special notes to orders. NebulaPOS empowers your staff to create memorable experiences and build loyalty with your restaurant and retail customers.

Because you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

NebulaPOS keeps you in control of cash flow, stock, orders and promotions, through an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interface, freeing you to focus on what matters in your restaurant, bar, coffee shop or food truck. 

After all, the kitchen is where the heart really is - not cashing up and recon of your point of sale after a tough shift...

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Payments, all types, without hassle. 

NebulaPAY, our world class point of sale payment service allows you to take closed loop payments on any card type, tap, scan or swipe.

Partnered with NebulaPOS interactive dashboard and reporting, you are in control of all payments, open bills, accounts receivable, at all times. 

Added bonus, stay in control of transaction fees. 

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Payment Devices? Yes, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve partnered with best in class point of sale payment providers, hardware devices, support and spare parts, 24/7, in every corner of our beautiful country.

And more...

Delivery Apps and Order Manager

Easily connect all delivery apps and further 3rd party integrations in our Marketplace for Ordering and Dispatching

Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

Imagine those old school bels at reception you would bang on as a kid.

Real time Point of Sale orders displayed with options and notes clearly displayed, kitchen won’t miss a beat. 

Global Stock for Depots (Distribution)

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Managing stock across multiple locations, centralised warehousing, NebulaPOS takes care of it all.

How Nebula Point of Sale and Stock Control is changing the game for global hospitality stakeholders

"Being cloud based, on a tablet, allows us to operate in any numbers of locations on the farm  – wherever our function is in the vineyards or on the lawns. It is all that you need in a very neat and tidy package!"
Wildekrans Wine Estate uses NebulaPOS

Emma Manuel

Hospitality Manager, Wildekrans Wine Estate

"NebulaPOS is by far the most efficient and user-friendly platform out there. The service offered is above and beyond and I can't recommend this POS enough."
Wildekrans Wine Estate uses NebulaPOS

Darren O'Donovan

Owner and Founder, Embarc Restaurant

"I have been working with the HTI team for 2 years now and could not ask for better service and support. NebulaPOS is amazing and user-friendly. Keep up the awesome work"
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Jeanne Scheepers

Hospitality Manager, Sondela

Let NebulaPOS look after your business, while you look after people.

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